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The King's Compass

The King's Compass

Mission: to improve the quality of life for young African-American males

The King's Compass is a non-profit organization empowering young black males through mentorship and service learning opportunites. The program provides its participants with monthly community service projects, a safe and supportive meeting space to discuss the challenges of being a young black male, and exposure to black male leaders who serve as positive mentors and role models. Through participation in the program, these young men develop a better understanding of their own self-identity, realization of their leadership potentional, and a heightened sense of their role as community change agents. Overall, the organization strives to ignite the potential of its participants by challenging them to destroy current stereotypes and impact their communities through service.

The King's Compass uses four core tenets to guide its participants and achieve its mission:

  1. Exposure - "It is my responsibility to understand my role in the global community."

  2. Self-Concept - "I must understand who I am, where and who I came from and how society perceives me in order to navigate a fulfilling life."

  3. Community - "I recognize that my success is not a product of my individual actions, but it predicated by my ability to engage in mutual beneficial relationships."

  4. Social Responsibility - "I understand it is my duty to utilize my strengths to improve the world around me."

Donated funds will be used to support current program operations. For more information about The King's Compass, please visit

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