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Girls Going Global

Girls Going Global

Mission: To expose inner city girls to the cultures of the world

Girls Going Global (GGG) enriches the lives of young African-American girls (ages 10-17) through cultural immersion and international travel. Often times, black adolescents are not exposed to cultures and various ethnic groups outside of their immediate neighborhood. Through participation in the Girls Going Global program, teens are equipped with passports and given their very first opportunity to travel outside of the United States. Most recently, GGG participants traveled to Costa Rica to explore and experience the beautiful country. The group of young girls received Spanish language lessons, volunteered at a local school, explored the country's beaches, and even took a lesson in cooking. Overall, the program aims to empower young girls by exposing them to cultural diversity and developing their potential for global leadership in college and/or career.

Donated funds will be used to gift 8 - 10 young girls with passports to travel and see the world! For more information, please visit

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