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Higher Achievement

Higher Achievement

Mission: To close the opportunity gap for middle school youth

Higher Achievement is a rigorous afterschool and summer academic program that gives students from at-risk communities in Washington, DC their best opportunity to succeed in middle school — and in life. A recent analysis shows that DC has one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the country: only 64% of students graduate on time. Several studies also show that a student’s academic performance in middle school is a strong indicator of high school outcome.

By intervening during the critical middle school years, Higher Achievement improves a scholar’s chance of high school graduation and enriches their educational opportunities. Specifically, the program strives to:

  • Improve student academic achievement measured by grades, standardized test scores, and attendance;

  • Help youth successfully navigate the critical middle school years while building their confidence, leadership, and critical thinking skills for the future;

  • And advance all Higher Achievement graduates to college-prepatory high schools.

Donated funds will be used to support current program operations. For more information about Higher Achievement, please visit

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