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Hi! I’m Emerald and Journey to PhilanTHIRTY is my birthday campaign about growing up while giving back. As I approach my 30th birthday, I’m rallying all of my friends, family, and peers - that means you - to channel your inner philanthropist and help me raise $3,000!! Once raised, the funds will go directly to three non-profits empowering youth in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA and my hometown of Houston, TX.


Instead of gifts, cocktails, a birthday dinner or party, I would be extremely grateful for your donation towards the campaign. If you aren't able to give money, that's okay too - philanthropy is about way more than that! Over the next few weeks I'll take you with me via the blog, and we'll explore the many ways to give back, why it's so important, and how just about anyone (and I do mean anyone) can do it. Consider this your official invitation to join me on my Journey to PhilanTHIRTY!


  • Learn about the 3 organizations that will benefit from your donation.

  • Follow me at @HappyBdayEmerald on Instagram.

  • Check back to this website frequently for new blog posts and videos.

  • And click HERE if you’re so moved to make a birthday contribution!


Happy PhilanTHIRTY! It's time to #FundUp!


- Emerald

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